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A cost effective alternative from sending your team to camp is to bring the camp to you. This is a popular trend that many programs are taking advantage of. We specialize in camps and clinics and have conducted well over a hundred in the past 7 years. We are committed to bringing one of the best camp experiences to your program.

Camp / Clinic Details

specializing in 2 or 3-day commuter camps / clinics


General Liability. Program provides protection for the Policyholder against claims of bodily injury liability, property damage liability, and the litigation costs to defend against such claims. Coverage is provided up to $1,000,000.00 per occurrence with a general aggregate amount of $2,000,000.00.

Primary / Secondary Accident Medical. Accident coverage can be written on excess or primary bases. Excess coverage means policy is secondary to an injured party primary health insurance. Policy will not cover primary insurance deductibles, co-pays, program limits, or out of network care. If injured party does not have primary care, excess coverage becomes primary. A deductible will apply. Primary accident coverage would pay claims first, regardless of primary care. A deductible will apply. 


The gymnasium and/or wrestling room should provide an adequate amount of space for the camp depending on the numbers. The average camp size is 40 – 50 campers. Therefore, two full wrestling mats should be sufficient. With the possibility of a greater outcome, the online registration will allow ample time if another section of mat will be required.


I prefer to travel with at least one demo partner. This allows me to have one of my own who can read my mind and provide an extra hand in correcting mistakes. I have gone thru a thorough process in attempt to find the best demo partner available. This allows for enhanced instruction and increased supervision, which will improve the overall camp experience for both the campers and coaches. If you are expecting a larger turnout (60+ campers) please let me know and we can schedule to have additional staff members present.

If at any point I can not make a specific date (which is uncommon), I will help to find someone to conduct the clinic and if you are not completely satisfied, I will personally travel back to you and conduct another clinic free of charge. That is the type of confidence that I have in my staff. I refuse to recommend anyone that does not have the ability to conduct a great clinic.


Typically we conduct a technique only camp with no live wrestling or conditioning taking place. The camp is geared toward increasing wrestling knowledge, both technically and mentally. Diet plans, weight training, conditioning, work ethic, and mental toughness will also be discussed.

tentative camp schedule:

We prefer to schedule at least 5 sessions, this will allow adequate time to lean, review, and execute the new techniques. A typical schedule looks like the following:

Day 1

8am – 9am               Registration

9am – 12 pm            Session I

12pm – 1pm             Lunch (on your own)

1pm – 3pm               Session II

Day 2

9am – 12 pm            Session III

12pm – 1pm             Lunch (on your own)

1pm – 3pm               Session VI

4pm – 6pm               Session V (extensive review)

camp fee:

Camp charges can be done one of two ways, an upfront fee or per camper fee. Upfront fee will include travel accommodations, hotel, and meal expenses. The per camper fee requires a minimum of 40 campers. Most coaches opt for the upfront fee, which allows any additional money raised for the camp to go to their wrestling club budget.


When choosing the upfront fee option, any additional money raised for the camp will go to toward the host school’s wrestling budget. In many cases, the host school raises a significant amount of money, thus categorizing the camp as a fundraiser for their program.

marketing / promotion:

Website, Brochures, and email material will be available upon request to help promote the camp. Online registration can also be set up, as well.

current dates available:

Please see Camp Dates or contact for availability


All items discussed in the camp details are flexible. Please feel free to contact with any questions, concerns, or special request. 

final note:

We intend to provide the best coaches and clinicians to help develop student-athletes through technical and mental preparation at an affordable price. We DO NOT pride ourselves on overcharging individuals for a resume filled with titles, nor do we teach flashy wrestling holds. We teach what works at all levels of competition. We are more interested in our reputation and being invited back the following year for another clinic.

The next step will be to secure a date.

clinic inquires

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